At dreamscience we believe in a future where we get around without wheels and lift without effort

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We believe that the next step in the growth of our civilisation, in fact the next industrial revolution, is the harnessing of a propulsion method that works in a different way.

The nearest star is 4 light years away - current propulsion is not capable of reaching this distance within a human beings lifetime. If the star is there - wouldn't it be nice to be able to go

What it's all about...

dreamscience Propulsion are conducting an investigative review into the technologies required which will make this vision possible. Scientists will produce equations and engineers will argue that any form of gravitational propulsion is an impossibility. Yet one day it will be a reality.

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.”

If you share our vision of the future, then let us know. dreamscience propulsion aim to bring like minded scientists, business people and entrepeneurs together to make our vision a reality for the benefit of our civilisation.